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Public Relations for Businesses

Press Releases for Online Businesses
Writing an effective press release for your business is not an easy task. It’s very different to that of writing an article or some sales copy. Here we touch on a few important points about how to create an effective online business press release.

Targeted Messaging
When writing a press release, the most important rule is to ensure that the focus is upon one single topic which is newsworthy and of importance to your target audience. The release that is based on an identifiable topic, and that includes relevant keywords as well as phrases, has a better chance of being found in the search engines and within social media channels.

The Headline
The headline should be clear and concise. The fact of the matter is that search engines do rely on titles in order to determine rankings. Headlines should generally be between two and 22 words in length for optimum indexing on news sites. Search engine results tend to limit titles to about 67 characters in length

Subheadings are valuable in that you can add keywords that are not already held within the actual headline. Furthermore, they make for a very brief reference to the reader which will help to determine if they continue to read the whole release or otherwise.

Useful Text Links
Text links should be used in every press release and they should direct the audience to related additional content. The links should be ‘no follow’ tagged as per the current search engine guidelines.

Your Company Logo
Add your company logo to build your brand at the top of the release.

Contact Details
Do be sure to include company contact details such as phone numbers and of course email addresses. And by all means add your business’ Facebook Page and Twitter account details, as well as any other important social media account information.

Reputation Management for Businesses
Here we discuss online reputation management - what is it and why do you need it?

What is Reputation Management and Why do You Need it?
You need to have control over your brand in the online world because if you don’t, someone else probably will.

These days, it’s very easy to find that your business’ reputation is damaged. In the search engines, it’s not difficult to locate negative and harmful discussions and comments about a business. In the social media, word can spread very quickly. It’s fairly simple for someone to post a video on YouTube and see it go viral. If that video is in any way negative about your business, you can probably kiss goodbye to many potential customers. Thus, online reputation management should never be an oversight. It should become an essential part of your business’ defence, as well as a best practice.

Here at, we specialize in creating expert press releases for businesses as well as online reputation management. Simply contact us today for a free consultation about how we will help you to improve and increase your business’ profile.